Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 = New Year, New Goals, New Adventures

I can't believe another year is over. I am looking forward to what 2012 has in store for me. It is always interesting to look back and remember everything from the previous year. How much I have grown, what I have learned, and where I am today! I have developed some wonderful friendships and enjoyed traveling to New York, Portland, Toronto, Chicago, Ft. Myers, and many other places this year!

It was so fun getting to celebrate Baby Max and the Magee's! We threw a baby shower the weekend of Halloween, and I loved getting to spend time celebrating with friends!

Mom-to-be and Hostesses

2011 was a great year for Baylor Athletics! It was fun celebrating the big wins, Heisman winner, and a 10 win season. Wish I could have made it down to the Alamo Bowl, but enjoyed celebrating a wonderful season!

Loved having family in for Thanksgiving and getting to spend time at home for the holidays! We cheered on our Bears at Cowboys Stadium and all of our family over for Thanksgiving. I took a road trip with Will to El Paso as he drove back to the West coast. I always cherish the time I get to spend with my brother and sister-in-law. They are both such a blessing to me. We also got to enjoy my parents new addition, Roscoe!!! So fun having a new puppy around and he has such a fun little personality!

Family photo 2011

I am looking forward to a healthy, happy 2012 and what it has in store!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Birthday in Toronto

Can't believe another year has gone by! Pretty sure this has been one of the best birthday's. Very close to that big celebration 4 years ago when I got a sister :) Happy Anniversary to my Brother and Sister-in-law!!!

This year I ended up having to travel for work, which is usually not a big deal, but I was in Toronto. I had a great day of meetings and lunch with the Canada team, but I didn't get to respond or talk to my friends and family in the states. 

When I get back in town Friday, I got to listen to all my wonderful messages. I spent the afternoon relaxing and then celebrated with my parents at Mi Co. Always love spending time with them. I just wish we had remembered to take a picture! Saturday night, I got to celebrate with some of my closest and best friends. Thank you to everyone that made it such a wonderful birthday!

Rach, Jen, and Kris

Bestie, Sister, Coworker...the list goes on

The girls before going out! Thank you so much for a wonderful evening!

One of my favorite couples!

Another great surprise! Thank you for coming to celebrate this weekend!

Such wonderful birthday and I am so very blessed by all my friends and family! 26 was a wonderful year, but I can't wait to see what 27 has in store for me!!

Seriouzzzly Portland!

The past month has been a little crazy to say the least!! Traveling to Chicago for work; as well as, a few weddings in Orlando and recently in Portland! I spent the weekend in Portland celebrating Tamara and Rian! So fun to be able to join them for such a special time. Jess and I got to explore Portland on Friday and take it easy before the festivities started. Love the city!

DC Friends

Then, I joined Blake and the wedding party for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at Kell's, an Irish Pub, in downtown Portland. Such a fun night. Later, a few of us went out in Portland to a Karoake bar and had a great time singing with all the locals!

Rehearsal Dinner Date

Sweet Tri Delt Friends in Portland

Saturday, Jess and I spent the day with the guys watching the OU/TX game at a local sports bar before wondering around the city, eating at Jake's crawfish, and of course causing trouble. It was such a fun and relaxing day before the wedding.

Jess and I watching the game

The wedding was so pretty and perfectly Tamara! She was such a stunning bride! We had a great night celebrating the new Mr. and Mrs. Schlyper!!

Mrs. Schlyper

Such a sweet first dance.

Oh Delta Love

Such a fun weekend meeting new friends and reminiscing with those I haven't seen in a while! Congratulations, Tamara and Rian!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Doc, Doctor Muffins, Doc'ers, Batman....

On a trip to pick up Bar-B-Que for Willie!
On a sad note...about 2 1/2 weeks ago we found out that what we thought were seizures Doc was having, was a brain tumor. Doc had his first episode on New Year's Day and I distinctly remember it. He didn't start getting bad until about a month or so ago. Last Friday, August 12th my parents had to make a tough decision to put our "Buddy" down.

His favorite place to lay

It was about 10 years to the day that we put our previous dog, Max down with stomach cancer. I hadn't really realize it until talking to Will one night. I will definitely miss coming home to this energetic pup! Barking like he hadn't seen you in years when it had been only a few hours! He was like clock work...Out to get the paper in the morning...Treat around 11:00....Mail around 2:00...And then always trying to trick someone to take him out front one more time throughout the day! He loved it! He hated when we went swimming, and loved riding in the car.

Enjoying the Snow on Christmas 2009

Playing outside February 2010

On a HAPPY note! I loved meeting so many new friends at the JLD Retreat a couple of weeks ago! What a pleasure it is to be apart of this group of girls! Life is starting to get busy, and I can't believe summer is already over with...where has the time gone?! I got to spend last Saturday with my parents and had such a wonderful time. It is so nice to live close and be able to see them!

Today I kept thinking about moving into Collins as a Freshman at Baylor! 2 of my cousins moved into the dorms...I absolutely can not believe they are starting as Freshman this year! I remember move-in day 8 years ago! Absolutely crazy and they are about to start the best 4 years of their lives!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The City That Never Sleeps!

I was fortunate enough to go to New York City for a week for training before the 4th of July. I flew in on Sunday night and got to enjoy the city. Boy have I missed it! I forgot how much I LOVE this definitely holds a piece of my heart!

On Monday, I traveled to Norwalk, CT to our headquarters to work with my team and meet some of the Finance team I am working with in my new position. It was great to be in the office and work directly with my manager. This week is super busy, but I am definitely looking forward to the craziness!

Tuesday, I worked from the New York office which is at Park and 49th! After a long day, I wondered around the city then went to meet a friend at Shake Shack in the middle of Madison Square Park! Definitely my new favorite burger place! Can you please come to Texas?! The next morning I headed to Philly with my team for some training. It was such a wonderful surprise to be going up on Wednesday as they were doing a farewell dinner for my old boss, Keith Batton. What an honor it was to work for him and he truly taught me so much. He cared about our team as if we were his children and was such a mentor to me. He pulled me on and then allowed me to take the time to try one of my passions, teaching. After realizing it was not for me, he was gracious enough to be able to rehire me. I will forever be so grateful for him. It was so good to see him and celebrate as he begins a new journey.

Me and Keith

After his dinner, my team headed to the Phillies - Red Sox game. If you know me and as much as I love baseball, this was such a treat! It was so much fun to see the field and watch these two great teams play.

View as we were walking up to the stadium
Game from our seats
View of Downtown from the stadium
Our Team post game

I ended the week in NYC. It was great to be able to spend the week training and working with my team. Friday I was able to see Leighanne and Shonnie. It was so good to catch up with both of them and hopefully next time I am back it isn't on such short notice! I saw Sister Act on Friday night which was great and just enjoyed being in NYC!

Then Saturday I woke up to go run through Central Park. This was one of my favorite things to do with my Dad when we lived in NYC for my internship 5 years ago!!! I can't believe it has been that long! I enjoyed the day exploring the city. I went down to Soho and had brunch at a little whole in the wall then wondered back through and enjoyed the shopping. I took the subway to Macy's then walked back up Avenue of the Americas to my hotel. It was fun to wonder through the street fair they were having today. I tried a few cupcake places. First in Soho at The Little Cupcake Bakeshop and then Magnolias. I walked up to Bloomingdale's and then went back to take a nap before enjoying my last dinner at a little Chinese restaurant.

Sunday, I woke up to rain so I went to run at the gym before brunch and wondering around midtown. I grabbed a Crumbs cupcake to take home with me, and it was by far the best one I had the entire trip! I got to watch all the DFW fireworks from the plane as we flew in and then spent Monday with my family. I always enjoy celebrating the 4th with family by the pool while my dad grills. Such a fun tradition and relaxing day before heading back to work! I definitely had a wonderful trip, but it is nice to be back at home.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Job, Wedding, and Father's Day

So much that has happened over the past couple of months, I don't even know where to begin...

I started a new job with GE in late May. It has definitely been an adjustment, but I am LOVING it! I will be able to travel a little more and work with a variety of groups across the company. I am finally getting the hang of it all and learning how to balance everything!

June turned out to be quite a busy month! I took several trips down to Austin and the Hill Country to celebrate Wendy and Michael! First, was a relaxing spa weekend for Wendy's Bachelorette party! We had a wonderful time hanging out at the pool and spa before going to dinner at the Oasis.

Steph and I before dinner
Love you girls!
With the Bride-to-be!

The following weekend I headed back down to Wimberley for the wedding. I had such a wonderful time being part of Wendy and Michael's special weekend, and really enjoyed catching up with college friends. The wedding was gorgeous! It was so much fun to be able to stay at the ranch for the weekend and enjoy the wedding events!

Baylor Girls at the Rehearsal
Pretty Friends!
Hate that we don't live in the same city :(
Getting ready
Waiting for it all to begin!
Picture Time
Mr. and Mrs. Magee
Europe Reunion....5 years later

Sunday was Father's Day and I headed back to Arlington to spend the day with my dad. I enjoyed having dinner with my parents, and I am looking forward to spending a day with him next weekend at the Rangers game! I was able to surprise him with tickets for the game! I am truly blessed with amazing parents! My dad has been an inspiration and encouragement throughout my life. I love that to some extent I have followed in his footsteps as I continue to further my career in Real Estate.

Thank you for being a wonderful father, husband, friend, and role model. I love you, Dad!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Start of a new Adventure

March 27th I ran my first Half Marathon! Such a wonderful feeling after accomplishing a goal I have had for a few years! I had an amazing race and finished well above my goal! My official time was 2:15:09!!! With one stop and seeing a few friends along the way, it was SO humbling to see my parents, Allyson, Kristin, and Jeff at the finish line!! I couldn't have done it with out the support of such wonderful friends and family!!

I had been training since January first, and believe me a few times wanted to stop! I truly was so amazed at how great I felt at the end. Now the next few days was a little rough! After lunch with my parents and friends, I headed to the Lady Bear Sweet Sixteen game with family! Such a fun game to watch and experience with a cousin that knows more about Lady Bear Basketball than I do!!
I am definitely looking forward to running a few more races and definitely another half marathon at some point! For now I am looking forward to a getaway with girlfriends and a Diva Dash!!